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Monday, August 06, 2007

It is hard sumtimes for me to pour out my feelings.
Most of the time, i will just smile and think positive.
but to keep it in me for a long time, i tink i will be the one who is gonna suffer.
Maybe wat he said is true. Analyse and say it out when the atmosphere and time is right.
So i did, i feel stupid though. Knowing that it's gonna sound stupid,
sumhow, i manage to gather my courage and ask.

Do u feel jealous sumtimes? (Whoa.. It has been a long time!)

There u go.
It's funny how i can be keeping this feeling to myself and be ignorance like nothing happened.
Although i know, its burning in me.
I just keep quiet and keep it first.
Damn, since when i become such a patience person??
But its good.
Even though the situation is not such a dramatic one, i do still feel it.
Maybe i've not been feeling that way for such a long time and
dont really know how to voice it out.
Told myself it's nothing.
That it's all right.
Look at it in a bigger picture.

But being a girl,
no matter how egoistic you really are,
by putting a mask like it's really ok,
like telling yourself that you can handle it,
telling yourself the whole thing is like a Chicken Feet,
there is surely this monster wanting to crawl out of its cage.
Baby monster. Not a big one.
Kalau big one da susah tu.. hehe..

I do get my answer in the end.
Although its not up to my satisfaction,
I try to understand the situation.
Well, everybody has their point of views right?

I have got to respect wat they got to say.
Coz if i am going continue shooting my questions,
it's gonna be very ugly.
Whats the line deary?

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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Massage Time

Went to JB with deary after work today. I wasn’t in the mood actually. But I had been persuading dear to bring me for a massage at City Square.
But really I was so fickle about going. Cos it was raining. I woke him up at 12pm soon after I finish work and he came to pick me up. Pity him had to travel all the way here and in the end I gave him that answer. He asks me, what do I wanna do then? Hehe.. Serve me right. I can’t even answer him. I don’t know what to do either.

So he said, rather than standing here under the rain with dono wat to do, why don’t we just stick to the plan? I say ok… Hmm…

But the day turn out all right. We went for our Thai massage which was fantastic. And couldn’t understand what the ladies were speaking. Coz they spoke in thai. And dear layan kan jer dorang. So funny. Macam ayam berbual dengan itek. Hahaha…

Before the massage, we did our grocery shopping. Well not me actually. He bought his grocery shopping. He got so much stuff till we look like a circus clowns on the bike.

After the massage, we went to Singgah Selalu for our dinner. Dinner? Or was it Supper? Yummy the food was nice nice. And Dear brought me to Danga Bay. I didn’t know the place exist actually. It was like pasar malam with Rides. WOW! Best la! But we didn’t get down the bike though. Just passing by… Dear!! I wanna go take the rides! I want! I want!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
What ....

Is there sumthing wrong sumwer?
What should i do when i have told sumone upteen times abt not to do sumthing but still doing it?
what shoud i do if that person keep on hurting my feelings?
what should i do if he dont bother but actually he does?

Im tired of enduring and being the patient party. Im tired of having to repeat my words.
Im tired of not being unappreciated.
What should i do??

Should i just walk away?
Should i stay?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Test Test...

Yeah im back! Soon....

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
What to Write

Hmm.. What to write?? I don't know where to start now.

So far life has been treating me good. Apart from work stress. That's definitely a different thing. If i can blow my top everyday, i would. But, i dont do that. Im a very patient person *puke*.

Oh ya, my favourite mobile phone, Sony K800i is destroyed by the sea. Guundu me, tag my cell along while canoeing. All got soaked! Send for repair but its condemned. So sad. Very sad.

Another thing is, i have cut my hair! Hehehe... Shortest hair i had in my life. Only shoulder length but still, its the shortest okie! And have dyed it blue black. About the dying part, i guess its only temporary. Cos i dont tink i like it. I tink. so fickle.

Wat else has changed in me eh?? Cant remember anymore la. See see look look at the pix la. Enjoy!!

Will be back soon!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Happy V Day 2007


Apa ni celebrate2 v day.. tak bagus. Haram.. Hehehe..

So many days has passed and it seem to be too fast. Wer has all the days gone to? Hmm.. Sigh.

Im so so tired and i really need a break. I wanna go for a spa. or a beach retreat. to tann myself. to enjoy myself. wer shud i go? what shud i do? i wanna do everything at a time. But tak akan la boleh do all that kan. Kalau boleh kan best!

Tonight, me, emilda and hooi ching, my colleagues will be chilling out somewer. Dono wer to go. One year ago, on the same date, the 3 of us went out to kind of 'celebrate' V day. And today another year together. Cepat seh.. And these 2 ladies tak tau nak gi dok umah spend time dgn laki dorang agaknye. Haiz.. Tapi its ok.. Asal kan dapat keluar..

And dapat flower lagi.. From hooi ching.

And this one, the red flower, is from last year.

And got blouse from Emilda.. Hehe best nye dapat prezzie.. What should i get them?? Help Help!

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Monday, February 12, 2007


You wanna show ur temper rite?

I have been good and never throw my tantrums. How long have i stand all these shits?
You want me to show my fucking tantrums?

I WILL SHOW YOU! Im not gonna sit here and stay quiet. I will show you the bad side of me.

Just you wait and see.

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